• Concept

    Would you like to make your conventions / buffet cocktail receptions even more fun?

    Our Board Gaming events enable you to turn your plenaries and group meetings into interactive, fun and high-tech experiences.

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  • How does it work?

    A giant board game will be displayed onto the main screen. This board game can be customized to the context and to the client’s needs.

    Each table represents a team.

    Each table will be provided with a tablet to enable the team members to participate and tackle the various challenges.

    Our dynamic animator will interact with the teams to ensure that the event takes place in a lively atmosphere…

  • A tailor-made game

    The spaces contained on the board offer a variety of activities…
    Some of the challenges are 100% fun and are aimed at developing cohesion among the participants.
    Others meet pedagogical objectives and are used to validate previously-acquired knowledge.

    Finally, others serve to introduce key moments during the evening: the prize ceremony, a speech by a participant etc.

    During the speeches, the participants are given the opportunity to make comments, to ask questions and to fully take part in the presentation.

    The initial work aimed at deciding upon the content as well as the framework meetings and the validation of the event all play a large part in the success of the activity.

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  • Winners announcement

    Live scores are displayed throughout the game…
    At the end of the operation, the winning team is selected and its members are invited onto the podium to collect their prize.


We offer many indoor and outdoor team-building activities!

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