• A new concept

    Wine Gaming is a unique animation concept midway between a murder party and an introduction to wine tasting.

    The aim of the game is to discover who killed Julien Chabrol, a young wine-producer from the Touraine region, whose body was found in his cellar. In order to do so, you will use tablets to analyse and establish the identities of two mysterious wines (one red and one white) found near the body!

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  • Totally versatile

    This activity, which may be held indoors or outdoors, was created to involve both wine lovers and non wine lovers. Indeed, the participants will, if they wish, taste the wines right at the end of a sensory, ludic and interactive journey.

  • Sequence of events

    The participants are split into groups or ‘squads’ consisting of between 4 and 6 members. Each squad is supplied with a tablet which will enable them to go through a series of quizzes and sensory games in order to identify the names and the origin of the white and red wines.

    While the participants go through the various steps – the visual, olfactory and tasting stages – to identify the wines, they will also be taking part in the police investigation as they will watch potential suspects being grilled on a big screen!

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  • Examples Of Challenges

    As part of the wine-tasting investigation, the participants will be given a series of sensory challenges and will have, for instance: to recognize in a very short amount of time the different nuances of a wine’s colour, which will indicate the maturity of the wine; to smell the characteristic aromas and bouquets of a selection of wines; and to identify on which parts of the tongue the different flavours can be perceived. Such an exercise will enable the participants to accumulate points and to discover the identity of the two mystery wines!

    The winning squad will be the group which showed outstanding abilities in the wine-tasting exercise and which exhibited the most talent to foil the plot!


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