Team Building ROME




    ROME Fun

    Which type of challenge do you think we will ask you to perform at the Trevi Fountain? Yes, you guessed it right! As tradition would have it, you will have to throw coins into the fountain and immortalise the moment on video!

  • bandeau-observation

    ROME Obs

    For this timed challenge, you will have to identify the name of the hero of a J. Martin cartoon who crossed the bridge shown on this photo. Here are a few clues: he is a blond and courageous Gaul whose name rhymes with ‘Asterix!’ Who is he?

  • historical-challenge

    ROME Hist

    For this history challenge, the participants will have to make their way to Mamertine Prison, which was located under the church of San Guiseppe dei Falegnami in the rione Campitello (the Campitelli ‘area’). In this particular case, the team will have to identify which animal Pope Sylvester I killed on the Forum Romanum.

  • bandeau-observation

    ROME Brain

    This statue represents the mother wolf of Remus and Romulus, both of whom are visible under the animal. A replica of this statue was gifted by the city of Rome to another European capital city to mark their twinning in 1962. Your team will have to identify that city.


    ROME Cult

    Will your team be able to name the person who directed this film? Watch this scene. Should you have trouble identifying the movie director, here is a clue: you can hear his voice at the end of the clip!

  • custom-incentive


    The challenges are adapted to your needs. Validation of knowledge acquired following a meeting, personalisation according to a specific theme, business sector…


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