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  • This page is dedicated to UrbanGaming team-building events in Limerick.

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    Limerick has a long rugby tradition. Imagine that you are Munster supporters and that your club has just won the European Cup. Now shoot a fun video focusing on their victory!

  • bandeau-observation

    You are not very far from King John’s Castle. Take a good look at this old engraving. You have 90 seconds to locate where the artist was standing when he produced this work.

  • historical-challenge

    Legend says that the famous 1691 Treaty of Limerick was signed on this block of limestone by…

  • bandeau-observation

    The Shannon Bridge was built in the 1980s. What was it nicknamed at the time?


    What is the title of the Alain Parker movie which was released in 1999 and which was based on a novel of the same title by Frank McCourt? This short video clip should help you…

  • custom-incentive



    The challenges are adapted to your needs. Validation of knowledge acquired following a meeting, personalisation according to a specific theme, business sector…


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