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  • This page is dedicated to UrbanGaming team-building events in Chennai.

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    Chennai is famous for its Bharatanatyam, one of India’s most ancient types of classical dance. Now perform this dance and invite as many passers-by as possible to join you!

  • bandeau-observation

    Observe the Kannagi statue, the legendary Tamil woman who is the central character of the Silapathikaram. She is angry as her husband was unfairly beheaded because of the object that can be seen in her hand. What is it?

  • historical-challenge

    According to some Christians who lived locally, which one of the 12 apostles is alleged to have died a martyr in Madras in AD 72?

  • bandeau-observation

    You are very close to the M. A. Chidambaram cricket ground. This sport is extremely popular here! But do you know which countries played the longest cricket test match in history?


    Watch this clip taken from the 1982 movie Gandhi, which was shot in India. What is the name of the British actor of Indian descent who played the part of the Mahatma?

  • custom-incentive



    The challenges are adapted to your needs. Validation of knowledge acquired following a meeting, personalisation according to a specific theme, business sector…


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