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  • This page is dedicated to UrbanGaming team-building events in Bruges.

    To discover this team-building activity on tablets, please watch the video on the right!



    Bruges is one of Belgium’s most popular tourist destinations. Show this is the case by gathering as many tourists as possible and take a group photo!

  • bandeau-observation

    Which animals are depicted on the city’s coat of arms? Take a good look at the palace in front of which you are standing. You have one minute to give your answers!


  • historical-challenge

    Which count of Flanders and vassal of Carolingian king Charles the Bald fortified this city in the 9th century AD? You can see his statue on the façade of the city hall in front of which you are standing!


  • bandeau-observation

    The Madonna of Bruges is a marble statue which can be admired in the Church of Our Lady. Who do you think sculpted it?


    Watch this short video clip taken from In Bruges. Can you name the two actors who star in this movie?

  • custom-incentive

    The challenges are adapted to your needs. Validation of knowledge acquired following a meeting, personalisation according to a specific theme, business sector…


Bruges is only one destination among the 300 cities you can choose from!

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