Team Building RHODES

  • This page is dedicated to UrbanGaming team-building events on Rhodes.

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    The Knights of St. John used to patrol the area. It’s your turn to play! Make the most of this beautiful medieval scenery to take a team photo! Become brave knights for a few minutes!

  • bandeau-observation

    You are not far from this Turkish fountain. Locate it quickly. Which animal has been concealed on the above photo?

  • historical-challenge

    This mosque was built to commemorate Sultan Suleiman’s conquest of the city. By the way, when was that?

  • bandeau-observation

    The Colossus of Rhodes, one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, was a giant statue located at the entrance of Rhodes harbour. It represented the Greek god of the Sun. But what was his name? A word of warning: the answer is NOT Apollo!


    According to the Catalogue of Ships, Rhodes supplied 9 vessels to the Achaeans during the Trojan War. You have probably seen Troy, which was directed by Wolfgang Petersen. Which actress played the part of the beautiful Helen?

  • custom-incentive



    The challenges are adapted to your needs. Validation of knowledge acquired following a meeting, personalisation according to a specific theme, business sector…


Rhodes is only one destination among the 300 cities you can choose from!

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