bandeau-large-hautAll the pictures featured on this page were kindly provided by our Belgian partner http://www.urbangaming.be/ and were taken by Élodie Grégoire.

  • A simple concept

    Quizz Gaming is a festive and cultural activity which takes place during a meal.
    The various stages of the game are played during the intervals which separate the various dishes!
    The principle is straightforward! All the guests are split into teams which consist of 4 to 6 people and each group is given a tablet.
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  • The Team-Building drinks

    An animator joins the guests during the cocktail to introduce the game and go through the rules. The participants start playing the game with their tablets and can see the other teams’ live scores as the various groups answer the questions. When starters are served, the animator recaps the scores, invites the groups to enjoy their meal and he then sneaks off.

  • Various and varied quizzes

    At the end of the first course, the game resumes and the participants are given new challenges: quizzes based on movie clips, musical blind tests etc.
    Similarly as to when the starters were served, the game is paused for the main course.
    The game resumes afterwards and concludes when the guests are ready for dessert. At that point, the final scores are revealed and the winners receive a small souvenir.
    The participants will have the opportunity to solve additional challenges once the scores have been revealed as the groups, as a rule, usually ask for more!
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