Do you want to boost integration days for your newcomers? And mark the occasion for the first team activity while integrating the corporate values ​​of your company?

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    The participants will be divided into teams and will receive a tablet containing a list of tests they must pass in due time and in order. Each event represents a challenge and a specific place to where participants must travel. For this type of action, we use the NFC technology that allows the tablet to detect a specific object and launch the challenge. The participants will never be lost because everything is indicated on their tablet: where they need to go, what to do and with who they can talk. And many challenges are available.

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    To be sure new employees are well acquainted with the company, there may be challenges regarding key figures in the organization. Since the goal is for them to know the other services, questions about the role of each service will be asked. To help them, they will be able to talk to a person associated to a specific service. They will also have picture/video challenges to do: represent a value of the company, take an original team photo or video with a message they send to the next promotion.

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  • Debriefing

    The debriefing is an opportunity for all the participants to meet together to see the collective creativity of each team at the videos and pictures challenges that were requested of them. Among each photo or video, participants will vote for their favorite, which will bring three extra points to the winning team. At the end, we will add the points from the photos / videos challenges before announcing the winning team. The winners are rewarded and of course all the photos and videos will be provided for you to keep a pleasant souvenir of that day.

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