• Concept

    Hotel Gaming is a team game which can be played indoors or outdoors. This team-building activity is ideal to liven up your seminar room or to re-discover your place of work. It consists of locating paintings in your meeting room and tackling various challenges… This is made possible thanks to a tablet which is handed out to each team.


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  • Principle

    Paintings have been hidden in the hotel, the gardens or your factory. Each painting has been given a unique code which the participants must enter onto their tablet in order to unlock a specific challenge. Right at the start, the tablet will show the picture of a specific painting which the group will have to locate before being able to enter the code associated with that painting. Then the participants will simply have to follow the instructions displayed on their tablet. The tablet will be used to answer questions, take photos and shoot videos. The tablet is easy to hold and use and can be quickly passed from one participant to another.

    Once a challenge is over, the tablet will display the picture of another painting which the participants must locate. All they have to do is find that painting to continue to play and discover one of the surprises we have in store for them.

  • Examples of challenges

    Hotel Gaming combines general knowledge quizzes on paintings, sports, movies etc. as well as fun photo and video challenges.

    For instance, the participants may have to take a picture showing an optical illusion, take an original team photo, reproduce a scene displayed on the tablet…or even shoot a video showing the group singing, advertising a specific product, putting together a trailer for the next action film or performing a haka just like the All Blacks rugby team.  Our imagination knows no limits when it comes to creating convivial and memorable moments.

    We can also include a personalised quiz with challenges specifically designed with your business in mind.

    And if you encounter a technical problem, there is no need to panic: our animators will accompany you all the way and will use their technical know-how and smile to ensure you have a very pleasant experience.


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  • Debriefing session

    At the end of the game, once the various groups have located all the paintings or when the time allotted has been used up, everyone will gather together for a debriefing session. An animator will show all the photos and videos and, for each challenge, the participants will cast a vote for their favourite picture or video clip. Three additional points will be awarded to each winning team. Once these additional points have all been allocated, the final ranking will be announced and the winning team will be rewarded.

    You will of course return home with a copy of all the photos and videos taken during the event so that you can relive this unforgettable moment over and over again.


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