• Team-Building activity by car!

    Car Gaming is a Team-Building activity which combines a journey by car, learning about culture as well as fun challenges with a view to developing closer ties within a team.

    This activity is fully personalisable. It can be adapted to cater for activities of short duration (for example 2 hours in Paris to discover the main monuments) or for activities lasting for a longer period of time (for instance a day-long car journey).


  • A chameleon adventure

    Depending upon the customer’s needs, the activity can be focused mainly on culture or mainly on fun. It can, for instance, be tailor-made for foreign individuals wishing to discover French culture.

  • Usual sequence of events

    Initially, teams of 4 participants are put together. Each group Les voitures sont associés aux équipe et the teams attend a short introduction briefing. The first challenge (and therefore the first checkpoint to reach) is then displayed on the tablet, un premier défi sur la tablette, indique le premier checkpoint à atteindre. Once at the checkpoint, the challenge is then displayed.Une fois arrivé sur ce check point le défi apparait sur la tablette.

    Challenges come thick and fast and all come in various styles Some challenges require the participants to stop for a while and spend 20 minutes in a village or focus on a specific monument. Others missions must be performed during the journey itself. The time spent in the car is therefore put to optimal use.



  • Selected bits

    Reproduce the clip of “I drove all night” by Ray Orbison, discover a village’s hidden secrets, reenact parodies of advertisements, have lunch in a traditional inn, simulate a spectacular stunt worthy of James Bond (you won’t be able to do that with the car, for safety reasons 😉 )… The challenges are adapted to your needs.


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