• Our innovative games

    Our games go well beyond Team Building. Although we started team-building activities in 2011, companies such as L’Oréal, Honda, Weber, Roche, etc. led us to develop more advanced activities such as in-depth training and serious games.

    Our know-how revolves around listening to our customers’ needs and coming up with tablet games which meet those needs. We work in close collaboration with those of our partners who can best satisfy your specific requirements.

Examples of game situations

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  • On this page, you will find a few examples of situations for which serious games can be developed. These examples are not exhaustive and very often putting a game together involves combining several of these situations.

    We have over 30 business / serious-game scenarios. Do contact us to discuss your project and we will go through the various options we are able to offer.

    Example of business case

    Value Gaming

    Such games are focused on your company’s values and consist of tailor-made scenarios and challenges for your collaborators.

  • Induction Gaming

    These games are specifically designed to welcome new employees and include an innovative treasure hunt on company premises. This enables new comers to discover the way in which your business operates.

  • Merger Gaming

    These serious games, set in a merger-and-acquisition context, enable each entity to learn about its counterpart and the way in which it operates.

  • Factory Gaming

    Such games enable individuals to get to know a production site, a factory, etc. Such activities make it easier for visitors to grasp the overall workings of your business and enable staff to look beyond their own specific tasks.

  • Market Gaming

    These games are aimed at providing a better understanding of concept stores and at introducing innovative ideas in a predefined business sector. A qualitative market study can also be integrated into the game.

  • Incentive Gaming

    These games focus on rewarding the best salespersons. Such games often include a team-building exercise featuring sales techniques or mini-games which focus on new products coming onto the market.

  • Innovation Gaming

    These types of activities, developed in association with our partner Stormz, combine team-building exercises aimed at stimulating creativity and interactive brainstorming sessions on complex issues.